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I tried to sneak a photo of Henry sleeping with his eyes open, but he quickly realized he was being watched.

One of these days we’ve got to get him a little step.


Day 26 - Corgi with a corgi buddy
As we have only met a handful of corgs he doesn’t have any actual corgi buddies. We meet Casey this weekend so hopefully they will be buds. I also think we need to meet henrycorgi. He’s only on the other side of the city.

Henry’s only met one other corgi — a lady once ran out her front door to stop us while we were walking him, and then she came back out with her own corgi.  That was in the neighborhood of our vet’s office after a puppy class, so we’ve never had a chance to see her again.  Also, his Pens tag is from the Petco at the Waterworks mall.  It’s the kind where you buy the blank tag and run it through the engraving machine to get his name and our phone numbers on it  Henry and Jake should become tag twins!

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Hey! I see that you’re working really hard on your sewing right now, but I’m not gonna pet myself.

Sorry to interrupt your reading, but I’m suffering a serious lack of ear scratches right now.

He’s a champ at picking out the best napping spots.

My stumpy little grass-cutting buddy.

Henry enjoys pre-bedtime wrasslin’ with his corgdad.